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​Wholistics Massage,LLC


Relaxation~ This swedish massage is for calming the nerves, relaxing the body, and flushing toxins by increasing circulation. 

Deep Tissue~ Using myofascial release, trigger point work, and occasionally cupping this will focus on those stubborn knots and tight areas. Whether from injuries, stress or repeated use, connective tissue can bind and induce pain. Chronic tightness can lead to other problem areas. 

Sports~ For pre or post event. Sports massage uses certain techniques to flush the muscles of lactic acid and either calm or invigorate them depending on the situation. This also incorporates more stretching to facilitate injury prevention.

Prenatal~ For the mommy-to be. After the twelve week mark  a healthy mommy can get some time for herself. Pregnancy can be a wonderful but tense or uncomfortable experience which makes a massage a much desired service during this time.(You must be 12 weeks or have an approval from your doctor if you are still in your first trimester)

Aromatherapy~ True essential oils can induce additional relaxation or promote an uplifting feeling. These oils can also be blended together and added to the massage cream.

Reiki~ This is not a massage but rather a japanese form of energy work. Reiki works on balancing the chakras or energy centers of the body and the whole process can be very relaxing. The goal of this practice is to help the flow of "ki" (chi, prana, qi) flow smoothly along its energy pathways and create a healing mind/body.

Crystal Light~ This colorful series of vogel crystals helps to balance the chakras by using its natural high vibrations. The colors are aligned to each associated chakra energy center to align the frequencies.


With Brainwaves: Using state of the art technology, backed by NASA, one can now listen to a specific series of binaural beats to induce a meditative state. Binaural beats have been around for ages but they are more understood and more effectively used through modern science. We will supply you with the headset and tablet and get you set up in your meditation space with the specific frequency to give you your desired effect. This is in addition to the chromotherapy with the vogel crystal that will light your space and administer the healing properties of the clear quartz with color therapy. 

Without brainwaves: You will be brought into your meditation space and set under a specific color of vogel crystal light to focus your mind and healing on a specific vibration. We will leave you to meditate on your own with a background of the lightly trickling sound of the water fountain.

With the amethyst mat: This addition can be used with or without the brainwaves. Amethyst has a multitude of healing properties including the ability to enhance meditation, purifying the aura of negative energy, and has been known to help with nervous system issues, pain, and arthritis.